Anki Not Displaying Cards That Were Previously Displayed

I’ve been having this issue for a while now where the card doesn’t display at all, and it’s a card that was previously shown no problem. This type of error leads to the following card not being displayed as well until I hit show answer. The initial card that doesn’t show up gives you the options at the bottom but it does not matter what you click, they will not show up. It is EXTREMELY annoying to the point where I feel I want to smash my computer. Help, please. I’m about to murder someone lol

Please locate a card you think should show up during review that is not doing so, and take a screenshot of the Card Info screen for it. Please describe how the data like due date shown on that screen differs from what you expect.

As you can see, nothing shows up on the card, but the options show you that I have seen it and I have cleared this card before. Nothing I do will make this card show its contents again. The next card will be affected as well, I won’t be able to see the content but I will be able to see it once I hit show answer. It’s such a weird glitch.

Here’s another example of what the content of the card should be and it’s not showing but it was previously shown.

I’ve seen many reports of this in the AnkiHub forum. E.g: Cards appearing blank when reviewing despite the fact that fields are not empty - 🙋 Support - AnkiHub Community

I suspect the issue might be related to something in the AnKing note types. You can try disabling add-ons temporarily and running Anki from Terminal using this command:


Maybe some errors will be printed. Please post a screenshot.

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One other thing you could try is changing the video driver. If you’re on a Mac, I’d suggest starting with ‘software’: ⁨2.1.66 - Card Not Revealing

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