Anki cards Physically not showing during review

It is not for every card but for random cards during my review, the card will not show up properly. This is for cards in the Anking deck after updating to AnkiHub. It started when I toggled the new look add on but when I turned the add on off, the issue persisted.
What happens is that either I am presented with the screen as the screenshot and if I click the space bar, it will show the full card with the answer, or it won’t show anything at all.

Which add-on? Recolor?

Try AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb then import “AnkingOverhaul” if it is saying "The notetype is not in the collection.” then restart Anki, check if anking cards are working

if that didn’t work, go to the add-on → “AnkingOverhaul” then reset and restart, hopefully it will update your "AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed)”

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This worked thank you! And yes it was the recolor add on.

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