Scheduling suggestion

I think there should be an option to not add the study increments on days that are skipped.
I haven’t been able to finish for three days, so now I have 52 & 47 instead of the usual 30 & 35.

What do you mean by “study increments”?

Maybe this is related:

Maybe. But it’s not a matter of going on vacation. It’s not being able to complete a session and not able to pick it up again the next day. Still, …

If you did not finish all Due cards, you would be delaying the review of every card in your deck, increasing your chance of forgetting them.

That is why people set the Review cards Limit to 999.
If you are unable to do all Due (Review) cards, try to do the Low interval cards ( as many as you can). There is add-on to “Change order of review …” , option “Ascending order”.

I don’t find a “review cards limit” in deck prefs or global prefs. But I notice that over more than a week’s absence, the numbers have stayed at 50 & 25. If there is a hidden setting making that limit, how is it that it was 52 & 47 the day I posted this question?

Even weirder: after it stayed 50 & 25 for more than a week, after going through a dozen or more cards, it changed to 53 & 25. That adds up to 78, but the badge on the icon says 70.

Maybe it’s the maximum reviews/day per deck, I set mine low as for learning should not be a stressful event.
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 9.39.50 AM

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Don’t think so. As I said at the beginning, I have that set to 35.

Cards in the red learning queue are part of the count, and are not limited by the daily review limit.

Seems I’ve inadvertently posted in the wrong area. This is on IOS. Since the post of six days ago, I’ve done some studying every day. The counts are now 28 & 5, but the badge has remained at 70 since that post.

If the badge is not updating, please go into AnkiMobile’s Preferences>Review>Notifications page, and disable/enable the badge.

Still says seventy. Did a check DB while off, and again with it on. Still seventy. I’ll just leave it off.

That’s odd. AnkiMobile refreshes the count each time you leave the app and return to the home screen, so if the count doesn’t match the sum of your review counts, it’s as if iOS is ignoring the request to update the count.

Apparently so. But I survived for years without a badge, so I might as well just turn it off again. If I’m studying every day, the badge doesn’t mean much, and if I don’t have time to study, seeing big numbers won’t make it better. :slight_smile:

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