New cards not appearing when I study


I have had my settings at 25 new cards and 350 reviews for a long time but for the last few days no new cards have been appearing when I go to study the deck.
When I check how many there are waiting to be scheduled there are now 85.
Why have they stopped being added to what I am studying.

Thanks for your help

How many reviews you have for a day? If you have more than 350 (your reviews limit) then Anki is not showing you new cards. Unless you will turn on “New cards ignore review limit” in the deck settings.

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OK Thank you that is helpful. So if the reviews exceed 350 - new cards will not be added until I get that number down to 350?

With the default settings - yes.

Minor clarification: until you get that number below 350. The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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