Same email address but doesn't work

Hello :)). I installed Anki on my Samsung tablet to study during breaks. I tried signing in with my existing Anki account, which I also use on my laptop and smartphone. When I tried to log in on my tablet, it said my account doesn’t exist. Did I create a new account on my tablet with the same email address? I couldn’t sync with my regular account. There are no index cards on my tablet, nothing. I really don’t know how to use the same account as on my laptop and smartphone. I really need help and am so confused as to why I had to create a new account which is already exciting. I really appreciate it!!!

Well that is weird, try to reset the password feature in ankiweb, it should send you an email from ankiweb

Maybe its a case of

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I did make a “new password and a new account”, which is very weird bc on my other devices my account was still available. I did get an email from Anki for making a “new account” and I got one. The thing I do rn is sending me the new data from my original account with the same email address which doesn’t save on my other devices except the one I use.

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NEVERMIND!!! I found the problem. I just checked my account on my Laptop. Somehow my laptop had an account with a different email than my smartphone. For sure my smartphone did show a wrong email or it happened a mistake or sth. With the account on my laptop I could finally login with my tablet and now everything works! I also changed this weird mistake on my smartphone. I still wonder how it even worked, but nvm it.
Also thank you for replying and trying to help me. Very good App and Website :)).


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