Problems syncing anki and ankiweb with new phone

Hello Anki Support,

I’ve been using the Ankidroid app for quite a while now and I’ve been really enjoying it and learning a lot from it. To ensure that my data stays safe even if something were to happen to my phone, I made an Ankiweb account and synced it, and I also downloaded the Ankidroid application on my laptop. However, after some time I got a new phone (going from a Samsung Galaxy S8 to a Samsung Galaxy S20). Anki on my old phone, my Ankiweb account and the Ankidroid application on my laptop are all synced, but the Anki app on my new phone won’t sync. I have logged out and deleted the app on my old phone and I ensured that I am logged in on the same account with the same emailaddress and password on my new phone. Each time I open the app on my new phone a message pops up which collection I want to keep, and no matter how often I press “Ankidroid”, it doesn’t replace the collection on my Ankiweb account and Anki on my laptop (which is what I want). Do you know what could be the problem, and how I could solve it?

Thank you for your time!

If you’re pressing AnkiDroid, after the sync completes, assuming there is no error shown, AnkiWeb should match what’s on your phone. If you’re not getting an error and it doesn’t match, it sounds like a bug. You may have more luck after enabling the experimental new backend in the advanced settings.

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Thank you for your reply! Do you know perhaps how I could try out that experimental backend?

You can find it at the bottom of the Settings > Advanced under the navigation drawer.


Thank you so much! After months of trying out different things, this is what finally did the trick :slight_smile: I’m very happy I got them all synced now, again thank you for taking the time to message me!

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