My ankiweb is not syncing

Some days ago, when i tried to sync from my Ankidroid, a notification poped up and showed sth like “you cant sync bc u havent verified your email”
But even when i did(although late), it just doesnt sync

Try log in to AnkiWeb in the website. If you succeed, disconect Ankidroid from Ankiweb and log in again in Ankidroid.

How to disconnect Ankidroid from web?
If u mean to log out, i cant do that bc it will wipe out the data that didnt sync

Yes, I mean log out. You can make a backup before the log out. Export your collection from Ankidroid.

Making backups is always a good idea, but please note that logging out does not affect any data already on your device.

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Although logging out didnt get rid of my problem, export the collection did. After exporting on Ankidroid, i import it to my anki web. Then i synced one way and choose to keep my ankiweb collection. It worked! Thank you

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