Cannot sync between ankiDroid and ankiWeb

So I’m quite new to using anki. I tried to sync my decks in ankiDroid to ankiWeb, but it didn’t work. I have many decks on ankiDroid, but none appear on ankiWeb. When I try to sync again, ankiDroid says the sync is complete but the problem continues. This is how ankiWeb looks like:

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? And yes, both ankiDroid and ankiWeb are logged to the same account.

You could try forcing a full sync in Ankidroid. This will force a full sync in one direction next time you sync. Pick “keep Anki Droid” to overwrite with your Anki droid version.

Keep in mind that this will overwrite the version currently on Anki Web (including any new cards and reviews), and may thus not be the ideal approach to take if there are a lot of changes you want to keep.

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