Ankiweb won't sync to ankidroid

How can I sync ankiweb to ankidroid? It used to do that,but now it won’t. I also do not know how to sign out and sign back into ankidroid, because I think maybe that would help.

I spent an hour last night updating one of my files in ankiweb. Every other time I did an update, it updated ankidroid, but this time, it doesn’t. What can I do to update ankidroid to correspond to ankiweb?

The title of your post doesn’t seem to match exactly the content of your question. Just to be sure: you know that AnkiApp is a (to put it mildly) “concurrent” application, which is not in any ways related to Anki?
If you are using Anki on android, it’s called Ankidroid. On iOS, it’s Anki Mobile, on computer it’s just Anki (or Anki Desktop), and for the browser version, it’s Anki Web.

Once you have ensured you are really using and Anki-related application, could you provide some details about what exactly did not work in the update (ie. nothing happens, only some note updates, every note updates but not the media?) and what are the steps you take to update.

AnkiApp is a scam.

Use this addon to extract your current data from AnkiApp and pull it into the genuine Anki:

AnkiApp Importer - AnkiWeb


Added: If the addon yields satisfactory results, remember to add a few kind words for the author.

Thank you, Black Beans. I know my post doesn’t quite match the topic of these posts, but at that point I didn’t know how to start a new post. But now I have started a new post about the problem. What happens on Ankidroid is that none of the flash cards that I deleted or changed in Ankiweb have changed or disappeared.

Does the converse work, ie. if you modify something on AnkiDroid, and sync, do you see the changes on AnkiWeb?

Hello, BlackBeans, I don’t know. I have not modified anything in AnkiDroid. Yesterday in AnkiDroid I buried several of the cards I changed in AnkiWeb, but today these cards are back in Ankidoid. So now I bury the notes. I don’t know if this will solve the temporary problems.

Do you know how I find out what version/s of Ankiweb and Ankidroid I have? If I have different or outdated versions, that might be the problem now.

Marian Drake

Thank you, OldGrantonian, but I don’t understand all this.

I don’t use AnkiApp or AnkiDesktop. I use Ankiweb and Ankidroid.

Burying a card is like suspending it for today, which means it is not going to be shown until tomorrow, at least. It does not solve your problem, and the behavior you are observing is just the normal way burying work.

You cannot have an outdated version of AnkiWeb as AnkiWeb is not a software installed on your computer. To check you have the latest AnkiDroid version, you (presumably) to go to the Play Store, search for AnkiDroid, click on the page, and it should show you an “Update” button if you don’t have the latest version.

Could you try? For instance, you could simply create a new note, sync, and check if that note is indeed synced to AnkiWeb.

Also, could you ensure you are logged in the same account in both AnkiWeb and AnkiDroid? To do so, in AnkiWeb, you can click on the “Account” button, which will show you to which email the account you are currently using is bound. On AnkiDroid, you can click on the three horizontal bars, at the top left corner of the app, then “Parameters”, then “AnkiDroid”. Under the “Synchronize” section (which should be the first one), you should see a “AnkiWeb account” entry, and the related address-mail. Ensure that these two emails match.

You could also try to log-in again in AnkiDroid, by clicking on the mentioned entry (the “AnkiWeb account” one) which will show you a “disconnect” button. Click on it, then connect again to the account you are using, and try syncing.

Thanks for all this information,Black Beans.

I will reply with ***** within your email below.

******** This is helpful to know. ********Ankidroid does not have an Update button. In Advanced Settings I found out I’m using Version 2.15.6 **********I don’t know how to create a new note in Ankidroid. **********I am in in Ankidroid. So the emails match.

Go in the Notes Browser, then click on + in the top right corner.

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Thank you, BlackBeans. And by the way, I love black beans.

I was able to create a new note in Ankidroid, and it does NOT show up in Ankiweb.


Yes, me too :wink:

Try de-logging in AnkiDroid, then logging again, and syncing. Otherwise, I think @dae could tell us whether your account is synced with AnkiDroid (maybe?).

I don’t know how to log out of ankidroid. I searched the internet and nothing tells how to do that.

Could you please help me with this? Thanks a lot for your help on the sync issue I’m having.


Open the drawer to the left, go to Settings > AnkiDroid > AnkiWeb account and you should see a button labeled “Log Out”.

Thank you, Abdo. I found that, but it says I’m already logged out of ankiweb. I will see if I can log back in, and if it syncs then.


Something really strange happened when I logged back into ankiweb. I went to ankidroid, and a message popped up (then disappeared) that said, “Which files or ones, or something, do you want to keep? You can’t keep both ankiweb and ankidroid.” Then the message disappeared and I got ankidroid back. It sounds like it won’t sync ankiweb to ankidroid.


For some background, please see Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual

Hello, dae,

Thanks for that article in the manual. I downloaded ankiweb to ankidroid. Now there are a lot of empty cards in ankidroid. The manual says in the menu there is an option for “empty cards,” but there isn’t. I plan to use the empty cards in ankiweb in the future anyway, to add new words under Edit.