Ankidroid can sync to other android devices but not Ankiweb

So I have ankidroid 2.16.5 on both my android devices and they can sync between each other fine no errors everything completes as expected but not to ankiweb or to anki 2.1.66 on my pc. I’m very confused as it was my understanding that ankidroid syncs to ankiweb.

I haven’t changed anything it worked this morning but now it doesn’t I even did a sanity check and I’m logged in to the same account across all devices.

Any help is appreciated as syncing these devices is essential to my workflow. I’m no anki expert so let me know what info you need and how to find it and I’ll be happy to pull it up for y’all

Edit: I’m an idiot windows changed my timezone to be 23 hrs different so while I thought it was only 1 hr apart it was actually 23 ahead and I was seeing tomorrows cards. Sad part is I even checked my new day time which was unchanged prompting the above rabbit hole. remember always check the basics first

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