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I’m new here. I’m from Italy so sorry for my not perfect English.
I have been using Anki for a month… and I have set Ali Abdaal settings.

Today I have a stupid answer: is it possible (and correct) a situation like this?

in which I have the same days interval between Hard and Normal?

Thanks and sorry


Could anyone help me? thanks

Yes, it is possible, but what do you mean by correct? If you are wondering if it’s a bug in Anki, then no. It’s the expected behaviour if you have learning steps or the graduating interval set to the same value.
However, with Anki’s default settings this wouldn’t happen, because most people don’t see the point in repeating intervals.

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Thanks for your reply.

I don’t have set learning steps or the graduating interval to the same value

Well, your last learning step is roughly two and a half days, which is effectively either two or three days. And the latter is also your graduating interval.
Generally there is no point in intervals in minutes above one day.

Really thanks… but could you explain me better this sentence “Generally there is no point in intervals in minutes above one day.” : I can’t understand the meaning

So aren’t there any problems… but it could happen that I have the same days interval…

do u suggest to adjust something in settings? (also about the sentence that I have not understood)

thanks again

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you have a learning step of 36 hours. Let’s also assume you haven’t changed the default day boundary, so it is 4 am.
If you study a card on that learning step today at 3 pm, it will become due tomorrow at 4 am, not at 3 am the day after tomorrow as you might expect. On the other hand, if you study that card today at 5 pm, it will become due the day after tomorrow at 4 am, not 5 am.
As you can see, the effective interval is either one or two days instead of 36 hours. So you might just as well configure the step to be 2 days, which isn’t less precise, but doesn’t cause as much confusion.

I don’t know what your goal is, so I can’t tell you if you should change anything. However, I strongly advise you not to change settings unless you have a specific reason and understood the consequences.

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i have seen this setting from Ali Abdaal (if I remember well) because I’m a medicine student.
thanks for your support

but would you change something? I also have the Anking settings… do you think they are better?

could you suggest me something?

sorry for the up!

As Rumo said, the settings are best left alone if you don’t fully understand them. Over time as you get a better feel for how Anki works, you can make adjustments if you feel they are necessary.


Sorry for the late response, and thanks to dae for answering in my place!
Regarding settings from third parties, instead of copying them one-to-one, I would listen to their reasons and then consider if they make sense and apply to your situation as well. But as dae said, that requires some experience. Until then, I would rather trust Anki’s tried and tested defaults.


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