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Learning Step in Days


I am trying to modify the learning steps for new cards, and I want the last learning step to be the next day. If I specify the last step as 1440, this will show the learning card exactly 1 day later.

The problem with this for is the following scenario: say I am doing new cards at 8 PM on day 1 and hit GOOD when on last step (1440). It will then show this learning card at 8PM on day 2 (hitting GOOD again at that point will graduate it by the graduating interval). However, say that day 2 I do my Anki by 10 am. The learning card from day 1 will not be shown to me on day 2 at all (since due at 8pm), and I won’t end up reviewing it until day 3. This is especially a problem when I do additional new cards on day 2, which after hitting GOOD (1440) will go to day 3. I now have to do 2x as many NEW learning cards as I would normally have to do each day (i.e. all new from day 1 and day 2), on top of potentially forgetting the learning cards from day 1 as they were not seen on day 2.

Is there any plugin / modification I can make to Anki to allow me to specify learning steps in DAYS and not minutes (i.e. 1d and not 1440m), such that the learning card will be displayed at any point within the bounds of the next day (i.e. 4am - 4am, defined by when the day starts in anki preferences)?

Essentially, I want something similar to graduating interval, but for learning steps (if I graduate a card at 8pm and graduating interval is set to 1 day, I will see that review card available any time I open anki the following day, even if before 8pm).

Not sure if this exists, but looking for some input.


If the interval crosses a day boundary, it is automatically converted to days. So your example is not correct - hitting Good on day 1 will result in the card appearing at the start of day 2.