Same cards, different styling?

I’ve got a deck of 100 cloze cards with multiple cloze fields on each card.

I’ve been using CTRL+SHIFT+C so that the cloze fields all show up at once.

I need to practice this deck of cards in two different ways.

The first with the cloze words shown in green, italics text.

The second with the cloze words in orange, bold.

What would be the easiest way to achieve this?



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I don’t know how to achieve this easily with vanilla Anki, but it’s easy to do that with an add-on called Cloze Anything. The documentation is very clear.


Thanks for your reply!

To others reading - I am learning how to use the system.

Please could anyone with deep experience tell me if it could work like this:

I add 100 notes using the Basic Note Type.

I edit the Basic Card Type’s Back Template to add a custom CSS style for the Cloze answers to be green.

I create a NEW card Type and edit the Back Template to show the Cloze answers in orange.

Am I right so far? As there’s another question that being correct will imply, but just in terms of how the system executes - would this process of having TWO Basic Card Types and uniquely creating CSS for each handle my notes as

100 Green Clozes


100 Orange Clozes

Enable those kind of differing unique displays?

And, if I’m good so far, then the next question becomes…how do I get these 100 notes to ACCESS and express themselves through the second “Orange” Basic Card template?



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Logically, the way suggested in the question makes sense.

But the follow up confuses things with no reply.

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Day 4? No answer. :frowning:

Sometimes it seems this forum is where questions go to die.

Anki is confusing. Anki is confusing?

It seems that…the abiding principles on this support forum are not excellence. Look here:

Where does that get you? To this poor soul:

Which resolves (TWO DAYS LATER) to:

Anki is open source, sure. So, that means “DIY”. Just wish there was some more support from the “official” forum.

Looks like the OP’s question was in good faith. I suppose she or he has…some studying to do. I think that may be why I’ve heard people say they give up on Anki (back to Google above! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: ) If you’re in a hurry…maybe you need to consider another app as…even the documentation seems to not have the answers. Trial and error is fun, but not if you’re in a rush.

Encourage the team to take a look at the documentation at least. Seems to me there’s some BIG conceptual errors there. Poorly, or actually incorrectly explained (tabs?) you actually CAN’T know how to use Anki from…the provided documentation.

Hope this poster gets some help.



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Hi @driver-1-car-3 ,


Hope someone can help. My first time using Anki.

Hope I can get it figured out. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


@treelightgreen @pavementessentials @driver-1-car-3 and @prokliplangturango all appear to have been created by the same person.

I’m saddened that you appear to have so little respect for our time, and will not be replying further.


With this kind of ‘serve me!’ attitude, it is not surprising they created puppets to ‘boost’ themselves artificially :frowning:

IMHO this is pitiful even more than saddening…