(Anking note type) Multiple clozes not working

I tried making cloze cards so multiple words were blocked out in the same card by putting c1 for both of the words. When I hit show answer, one of the answers comes up and the other is covered by a blue box. How do I get this box to go away and show the other answer? I updated Anki to the latest version and opened while disabling add-ons and neither resolved the issue.

Install AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb and update note type, then restart

in case that doesn’t work, → Anking (top right) → Anking note type (update them in general) → Anking (not general) → Reset

To change note types
Browser → Select cards, in this case would be everything in "note:AnKingOverhaul (AnKing / AnKingMed)" or similar → Notes (Top right) → Change note type (shift + cmd + M)

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