Right button in the main screen > Copy

This is what happens when right clicking in the deck screen:


Clicking in “Copy” on any element doesn’t actually copy anything. Am I missing something or this context menu shouldn’t be there?

looks like an harmless artefact

Yes, I think so

It should work if some text is selected?

I can’t select any text in the main (decks) screen, but if I click on any deck, then the on-screen text is selectable (and copyable):

(Windows version)

The context menu mainly exists for users who want to copy from the review screen. I imagine selecting was disabled on the decks list screen to avoid conflicting with drag&drop, which is not used on other screens like the overview screen. We could hide the context menu on those other screens, but not sure it’s the highest priority at the moment.

Yes, absolutely, no importance at all, I just asked here out of curiosity, in case I was missing something.