Linux copy/paste with menu

Hello, I am using Anki with Fedora 34 (so Gnome 40) on Surface Go and I have one small but really annoying issue with it. As I am using only touch interface I am unable to paste into card input fields becasue for some weird reasons Gnome designers think it is a good idea to not include Ctrl key in on-screen keyboard.They are pretty adamant that it is application’s responsibility to implement copy/paste menus in their input fields. I am willing to implement this feature myself but I could use some guidance on where to start with this. Could anyone point me to the file on github where Qt implementation of add card component is located?

Can you trigger a right click with a gesture? A right click in a field should pull up a context menu with a copy/paste option. The relevant code is in

Hmmm, right click on touchpad seems to be working fine. It is Gnome 40 that is broken in this regard. It is not only Anki not supporting this. It seems that only parts of the shell (e.g. double clicking on desktop) support right click on touch screen. I was able to work around it by using this:

It works in most of the apps but for some weird reasons doesn’t work in Anki. I’ll try to dig down what can be the cause