Anki only copy+pastes from itself

Hello everyone,

This is a small bug regarding the copy+paste behaviour of Anki Desktop. Short hard facts are:
Manjaro Gnome with Wayland, Anki 2.1.55 Qt6

Normal copy+paste works fine until i copy something from within Anki itself. Then Anki only accepts further content copied from Anki.

Example: I’m copying some text ( A ) from outside of Anki into the note editor. This works fine. I then copy something ( B ) from the card browser into the note editor. This also works. Now again, i want to copy something ( C ) from outside of anki, e.g. from a website or textbook. Anki now pastes the same thing ( B ) i just copied from the card browser, and ignores the new copy. When i again copy something new from the card browser ( D ), it pastes this correctly.

I’m using a clipboard manager, and it correctly displays all copied items A-D, so if something from within Anki gets copied, it also gets registered by the OS.

The bug resolves itself on restarting Anki. This isn’t completely breaking the program, but it’s a bit annoying. I hope my information is helping on tracking down the issue :slight_smile:

There’s an existing workaround for Mutter in _flagAnkiText(); you could try changing the delay to see if it makes a difference.

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Yes, this did indeed work. After quick testing, 175 was the lowest value that worked. I will have to see if it is reliable or not.

Yuck :frowning: I’ll try increasing the delay.

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