Anki 2.1.50 Copy/Paste doesn't work

I was wondering if that’s my problem or new version of Anki.
I can’t paste any copied text or imagines to Anki when creating new cards.

Working properly here. Have you tried deactivating add-ons?


UPD: I confirm, copy-paste from-to Anki doesn’t work in ⁨2.1.51 (29c48a60)⁩ Python 3.10.4 Qt 6.2.3 PyQt 6.2.3. That is, it’s impossible to copy-paste anything between Anki and other apps, and it’s still possible to copy-paste from Anki to Anki.

It works fine in Qt5 though.

You were right. I started Anki without any addons and everything works fine. Thank you.