Can't copy/paste anymore with the newest Anki

Hello there

I recently downloaded the latest version of Anki (2.1.44) and noticed that I can’t paste anything I copied into a new card unless I disable the image resizer add-on. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Not too sure how to fix it. I tried downloading the ‘Copy Notes’ add-on (Copy notes - AnkiWeb), but that one didn’t solve the problem either.

Thanks a lot!

Hello Yarnick!

Someone created an issue regarding this problem on the GitHub repository:

ImageResizer interferes directly with the copy-paste process, so it is reasonable to assume that the add-on is incompatible with 2.1.44 and has to be updated by the author.

You have two options:

  1. Keep ImageResizer disabled on Anki 2.1.44…
  2. Stay on a previous Anki version…

…until the add-on is updated.

It depends on how important that add-on is to your workflow.

That add-on is not about copy-pasting text in the editor, but about duplicating whole notes.