In Browser I cant select a deck and "change" into it in the "deck" is it correct?


in the “deck view”, if i click “browse”, then that deck is opened in the browser.

but in the “browser” view, even i selected different decks, i cant “change” into it and then press “deck view”'s Add button to add new cards, right?

ps: in “browser view”, even you press “ctrl+E” to add new card/notes, the deck you opened is the one selected in the “deck view”, that’s the tricky part.

any addon can overcome this?


honestly i think i have asked several times before, i just wish it’s my novice and not a “design” in anki…

The current deck is the one selected in the main screen. Selections in the browse screen do not affect it. I’m not sure that would even make sense, since multiple decks can be selected at once.

gpt4 suggested that one could select a card in your target-deck (in the browser),
then use the following function to knew the deck id,
and modify the main windows’s selected deck.

making it into the top menu instead of a Right click menu will be easier.

however I haven’t tried anki programming so there is still a gap for me.

def select_deck_from_card(card_id):
card = mw.col.getCard(card_id)
deck_id = card.did # get deck id from card # select the deck
mw.moveToState(“deckBrowser”) # go back to the main window

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