I suggest anki use the code gpt4 did for me to allow change of main window's deck into browser selected deck

i believe myself is an ordinary guy, with a mean IQ, and normal common sense.

i found missing this ability is very unhandy,
because when i edit in the browser, editing cards among many decks,
sometimes i simply want to add a new card to that particular deck.
so i press ctrl-E to add card.
but the new card may be NOT in the same deck i am editing in the browser,
because the ctrl-E is adding card only to the deck chosen in the main window,
which is weired.

from this post,
just several lines by gpt4 solved that.

it could now be used a addon.
not sure if it could become a norm.

as you see i spend a lot of time and asked 1000+ times,
i really think this is of some significance.


honestly i hope someone will help me to debug it too, thanks