Renaming a note type removes all cards from the corresponding deck

One of my note types had a bunch of unnecessary characters at the end of the name so I went to Manage Note Types > Rename and deleted the unnecessary characters to make it easier on the eyes.

After doing so I went to start studying, but all of the cards were gone from my deck. How can I get the cards back?

In this case it’s a better idea to change the note type, instead of renaming it:

Could you please give more details (what you’ve exactly done, screenshoots, etc…)?

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You may be able to recover from an automatic backup: Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, my apologies, but renaming didn’t remove the cards from my deck.

I believe this happened because i was already finished studying for the day on my mobile, and I had already synced my mobile with web.

Then I may have synced my renaming activity, and the three numbers next to the deck titles on the main anki page (the one that pops up when you open the application) changed to 0 0 0. I thought this was because the cards had disappeared, but it was just synced with the updates from my mobile.