Newly added notes are immediately deleted (broken deck / collection?)

Hi everyone,

I have made my own Anki deck to learning Chinese and it seems that I somehow broke something:

After adding a new note to the deck it disappears immediately (the ‘History’ button in the Add window shows an entry (Note deleted) and the cards are not shown when studying). I discovered the workaround of using Check Database after adding notes. This produces a message saying that #num cards with missing note were deleted and the database was optimized. Afterwards the new cards somehow appear under new and while studying, however Anki says that my local decks and the AnkiWeb decks differ in a way that can’t be merged and to synchronize one direction has to be pushed by force.

Similar issues with synchronization to AnkiWeb also appear at other times (I haven’t figured out when).

As far as I can tell, the issue started after I added a new field to the note in order to store both simplified and traditional Chinese characters. I’m not sure what I did wrong there.

I would be very happy to find help on how to fix the deck or alternatively put all my notes (and maybe also card definitions) into a new deck that’s working. I uploaded an export of my deck to google drive, but it seems I cannot post links. I’m very happy to provide additional information :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Your collection appears to have been created by a third-party tool, and it was created incorrectly (the notes table is not valid). Please report the issue to the author of the tool. You may be able to recover things by exporting your current content in .apkg files, and importing it into a new profile.

Importing the deck into a new profile indeed worked! Thank you!

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