Deck modification forces verify database and to reupload all


I’ve been experiencing a peculiar issue for some time now, while using the latest beta version, which is 23.10, on Windows 10. The problem occurs with a particular deck. Whenever I make a minor modification to a note, such as adding some information, it triggers a requirement to verify the database. I go through with the verification, but when I attempt to synchronize, it informs me that the decks cannot be merged. Interestingly, if I simply review some cards without making any modifications, I can synchronize without any problems.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue so far:

  • On AnkiDroid, I loaded the deck from the web and reviewed some cards without any issues; synchronization worked well.
  • However, when I attempted to modify a note on AnkiDroid, it proved impossible. The field remained unchanged, and upon reopening the modification window, the changes I made had disappeared. I can still review cards and synchronize without problems, but any attempt to make changes fails.
  • On another computer, with a fresh installation of the same Anki version and no addons, I reviewed some cards and synchronized without any issues.
  • However, if I make a change to a card and then try to synchronize that change, it forces a verification and still cannot be merged.

I’m unsure what’s causing this issue, and I’m wondering if it’s related to my deck. If you’d like to investigate further, here’s the deck in question: Proton Drive

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Your collection appears to have been created with a third-party tool, and it is malformed. You should be able to fix it by exporting each top-level deck, then importing into a new profile.

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Thanks ! I did reimport all my decks into another profile and it worked. It seems like the library ankipandas I was using to do some modification on the database was the issue.

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