Your decks here and anki web differ pop up at every sync

Hi all,

Recently, out of the blue, your decks here and on anki web differ pop up is now coming up everytime I sync on anki. I click ‘upload’ which is successful but then if I sync again the pop up comes up again prompting me to upload or download again.

I’ve tried checking database and media but I’m still having this issue.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

The last cases here were due to massively outdated versions of Anki for Desktop, so try updating.


Sorry I forgot to mention one user profile is not having this issue

If the problem persists after updating to the latest Anki version, please let us know.

There must be another way to fix this issue as I can’t update as I have an add on which only works with a specific version of anki

I only have this issue on 1 user profile, my second user profile has no issues with syncing on the same anki version

I am afraid updating is your best chance. You can always downgrade after trying.

Thanks that worked

Opening the profile with a newer version of anki (I used v2.1.49) then syncing (upload) before downgrading back to the old version fixes the issue!

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