Homemade decks error


I am using AnkiDroid, version 2.17.1 - screenshot attached and the problem is the same when I login on Ankiweb:

I have 2 homemade decks that have taken years to build and when I opened my Anki a few days ago it had forgotten the status of all of my cards. They all say ‘new’ - screenshot attached. Although when I click on a card the rating is that of a card which isn’t new - see third screenshot attached.

I sync my collections after every use and so I tried to restore to latest sync and it didn’t work.

I feel like this has happened because of the update as the version says 25th Feb.

Please help me!!! :pray::cry::sob:

Best wishes,


I don’t see where you’re seeing your cards marked as New.

Screenshot 1 (your images might be out of order from how you intended them) is a Review card on the study screen.
Screenshot 3 is the Decks page, where you’ve circled a deck showing 30 Review cards and 0 New cards.

I have realised there is a new tick box when you click on limits and tick ‘new cards are not limited by review limit’ then the new ones appear as a separate count like in screenshot attached

Yes, that’s correct. Did that solve your issue? That’s not what it sounded like you were asking at all.

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