relation deck - card-types - note-types

hello anki-world

can some one help me get out of my confusions i have with the relation of anki deck, card-types and card-notes?

maybe intro first: i was using anki longer adding/changing cards only on a linux client and learn then by syncing it to my android mobile.

since a while i have only a netbook and using therefore my mobile more.

i also started to add own note and card types

and very greath, i found out the “anki-droid-card sharing” entry, which would (!!!) let me very easy adding something in anki, if there would not be this confusion about deck, notes, cards!

because when using “anki-droid-card sharing” i need to choose the deck in which i like to make the adding. BUT the “type” is not changing when changing the deck!

and i since use different card-types i do not remember which type belongs to which deck, means, i’m not adding the new card.

but actually for me there should be no need for choosing the card-type since i thought (!), a desk can only have a 1:1 relation to card-types.

so i added a “suggestion for improvement” under when adding new card in a desk, the correct card-type for the desk must be used · Issue #9576 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

and got the answer that " Decks can contain multiple card types"

??? questions: is this so? can there be 1:n desk:types? if yes, for what? live could be easier if 1:1, isn’t it? how yu use the greath “anki-droid-card sharing”?

thanks a lot, stof

didn’t understand the part about anki-droid-card sharing (didn’t know about it), but will try to explain about note and card type

deck → group of cards

Note type → “blueprint” of the card → which fields should be displayed on the front or back of each card, basically is the coding/programming part of the card

Can also be referred as a template (when someone modify a card type, example: cloze-ankingmaster, prettybasic, image occlusion alpha…)

Card type → if the Note type is the blueprint (the part that is related to coding/programming) , then the card type would be the whole project, what the user can see and interact in the reviewer

overall, card type and note type are basically synonyms

for more info check Getting Started - Anki Manual

in the github you asked, “it possible to have more than one card-type per desk”
yes, you can have basic, cloze, image occlusion or any other note-type per deck