What is the best way to share decks?

My friend and I are working on creating cards for different topics and sharing the decks with each other.

We have created similar note types but when we share the decks, the note types add add multiple “+” at the end of the note name. I am not sure why this might be happening. (Screenshot below)

Is there a way we can share the decks without this happening?


I don’t know how to fix that issue, but Anki collaboration has these resources and add-ons.

[ AnkiManual]

[Collaboration add-ons]

[Field add-on]

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This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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The duplicate notetypes is probably this issue: New importer creates new copy of remapped notetypes on each import · Issue #2482 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Thank you @dae for linking this. I am glad to know that this is something which is being tracked.

If I may ask, by which version of Anki will this be resolved?


Sorry, I don’t know - it will depend on when someone manages to find time to look into this further.

That makes sense.

Thank you for the response.

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