Allow recipients to have their own separate area for adding personal notes

I shared the cards I created for my friend to use, but he often needs to add his own notes while using them, and he also has a need to update the content of the cards, I mean he needs re-import my cards after using, but some of his notes are erased when he re-imported my cards.

We can achieve this goal at other apps? like “huaji”, the designer gave me the following piece of code to add to my note types,

my note:

+my note

How do I get my friend to update the content when he re-imported the cards and still keep his own notes in Anki, please?

Updating should work normally if they put their notes in a separate new field: Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

If the deck is re-imported though, the changes may be lost. Anki doesn’t have a feature for this currently, but you can mask some fields by using the ‘special fields’ add-on.

Maybe any extra fields not in the imported notetype can be left unchanged (when Merge notetypes is enabled)? Not sure how complex is this to implement, just throwing an idea.

It’s been discussed briefly, but not implemented yet IIRC: Merging Notetypes on Import by RumovZ · Pull Request #2612 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Thank you your idea, i am going to try to other way.

Thank you very much, I asked to some professional guys, they told me that not achieve yet.

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