create one lay-out for imported desks

I am trying to find my way in Anki (latest version, on Mac, desktop), but I am a beginner in programming and I am getting stuck.

  1. I have imported some desks, works fine. But the lay-out differs greatly, sometimes with very small font: it differs inside desks and between desks. Is there a way to import all cards and then create one lay-out for them all (esp. font size)? Can I override the imported lay-out? If so, how?
  2. And is there a way, for all cards, to change them so that all of them are shown in 2 ways (front->back / back->front)
    Hope to hear from you, thanks, kind regards,

You can use the Change Notetype option in the Browse screen to assign notes to a different notetype with your desired customization. All notes will need the same number of fields though.

The standard ‘basic (and reversed)’ notetype will show cards in both directions.