Send cards to different decks based on note location

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with this issue, or tell me whether what I want is possible or not.

I have two decks of vocabulary cards, a premade one that was downloaded from ankiweb and a second one that I mine using yomitan. They use the same note type. At a certain point I wanted to create a second card type for these two decks, and did this by adding a card type for the note type.

The problem is that I would like to have them in two separate new decks. I used deck override to get them placed in a new deck, but I cannot figure out if there is a way for the second card type to be placed in separate decks based on based on which deck the note was originally in. (Are notes even in decks, or is it just cards?)

My alternative would be to create a new card type for the mined cards so that I can deck override them to a different deck, but if there’s an easier way to do this before I make that change, I would like to try it.

Thank you for your help!

Just cards.

Each card type for each notetype can be automatically assigned to a deck when created – using Deck Override, as you found – but only to one deck.

It sounds like the downloaded deck is “done” though, and you’re not adding new notes/cards for it? In that case, once you have the cards for those notes situated where you want them, you can use Deck Override to put future newly created/mined cards in the new deck. It won’t reach back and impact anything that was created before.

Duplicating the notetype is also an option. You can “clone” the one you have already so it will match. The only downside is if you want to change anything about your templates/styling in the future, you’ll have to change it in 2 notetypes instead of just one.


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