One card three decks - how to? :(

Hi guys, i need help with this here:

i study chinese so i have three decks i wanna do: recognition, memorisation/writing, pronunciation. I want to add one card and anki should automatically put the card into the three decks accordingly. I used to be able to do it but that was 5 years ago…I cannot remember how to make it be added immediately to all three decks. How to change the card type with what it asks - no problem. but i just don’t know how to add it automatically to all three decks.


You want deck override. From the manual:

At the top right of the window is an Options button that gives you options to rename or reorder the cards, as well as the following two options:

The ‘Deck Override’ option allows you to change the deck that cards generated from the current card type will be placed into. By default, cards are placed into the deck you provide in the Add Notes window. If you set a deck here, that card type will be placed into the deck you specified, instead of the deck listed in the Add Notes window. This can be useful if you want to separate cards into different decks (for instance, when studying a language, to put production cards in one deck and recognition cards in another). You can check which deck the cards are currently going to by choosing Deck Override again.


So I still have my old deck and I just want to add it to that deck - I got a new computer so maybe that’s why.

Adding to this, I tried the deck override option but it only created one new deck, not two. How would you solve this?

for that you’ll need to create new card types by clicking on Add Card Type... from that menu first. then define a deck for each card type.

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