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Can Anki introduce more new cards from one note field than from another field?

Thanks in advance for your help! My notes have 6 different fields which combine in different ways to produce 3 different kinds of cards (I’ll call them A, B, and C). Right now, Anki introduces new cards note-by-note so that it introduces cards A, B, and C from Note 1, then introduces cards A, B, & C from Note 2, then introduces cards A, B, & C from Note 3 (ignoring the sibling-delay for the moment).

What I’d like Anki to do is to introduce a different number of type A, B, & C cards so that I can be learning, say, 20 new type A cards a day but only 5 new type C cards a day.

The reason I’d like to do this is my type A cards test my receptive listening of a Chinese word, type B tests my production of a word, and type C tests my recognition of the Chinese character. Given that type A cards are easier for me than type C cards, I am able to learn far more type A cards a day than type C. However, since they’re all produced from the same note, my type C progress is limiting how many type A cards I can learn.

I could split them all into separate decks, but that would mean tripling the number of cards I needed to make, so I’m looking for a way to keep the same notes but alter the relative number of kinds of cards produced from that note.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s not possible to alter the number of cards that are generated aside from adding a flag to a field, but you can use the deck override feature to automatically have each card type placed into separate decks, which can be given separate limits.

Wonderful, that will get me what I need! The directions you provided seem to be for creating new cards; can deck override work for existing cards?

Edit: Is there a way I can auto-sort existing cards into the decks specified in the current deck-override settings? Your suggestion works perfectly for new cards, but now I need to sort existing cards according to the same deck override settings.


For any existing cards, you can just select them in the browse screen, then use the change deck feature to move them to a different deck.