How to add card fields to card types where the whole deck is one card?

Can anyone help me figure out how to quickly add cards to this atypical note type?

I’m trying to improve one of the Sketchy Medical Anki decks. These decks are made with a strange card type where all the cards in each topic’s deck are one card. When you open a deck in the browser, the first card’s front is in field “Q1,” its back in field “A1,” and extra info in field “Extra.” Below that are the other cards, e.g., the second card is below that in fields “Extra Q2,” “Extra A2,” and “Extra 2,” etc. with all the subsequent cards in that deck. Please let me know if that doesn’t make sense. Here’s a screenshot below of one of them in the browser showing the 4th and 5th cards in a deck:

Some of the cards are vaguely worded and have very long answers, so I’d like to break up some of these cards into multiple cards. Is there any way I could add a set of card fields in between two cards here? For example, in the above screenshot, is there any way that I could add the fields for a new card in between the fields for the fields for cards 4 and 5, and have them show up as another card?

Multiple decks use the same card template, so I’m nervous about editing the template, lest it mess up all the other decks.

EDIT: In the browser, I clicked “Fields” and clicked “Add” to add fields. I got this message, which spooked me that this was going to mess up all the decks using this note type, so I didn’t go ahead with it. Should I do it?

You’re using terminology a bit imprecisely. Cards don’t have fields; notes have fields. Notes can have multiple cards.

When you add new fields to a note, that shouldn’t affect any existing cards. Those cards were defined in terms of the already existing fields, which are specified with their names, not their numerical order. So your templates will mention {{Extra Q4}} by name, and changing the sequential ordering of the fields or adding new fields won’t alter that.

When reviewing a card, you can press “e”, which is a shortcut to edit that card. In the Edit Current window, you can click on the Cards… button, and in the new “Card Types for [note-type]” window you will see the Front Template for that card.

In the top right Options drop-down menu, you can select “Add Card Type”.

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