Question about card types

Hello! I’m currently making a deck of cards that has 5 types, so when I make a new one in this deck, it actually makes 5 cards (one of each type that I created).
My problem is that yesterday I started making a new deck of an unrelated topic and, to my surprised, it has 5 card types!
I tried eliminating the card types that I didn’t want but… it erased the types in the first deck too! (I already fixed this).
How can I make this new deck with only the types that I choose?

Note types and card types are independent of decks.
If you click on “Tools > Manage Note Types”, you can see your current note types.
On this screen, you will want to add a new note type by clicking “Add”. Now choose the "Clone: ", where is the name of your note type. After this, you can give them fitting names, and edit them independent of each other.

If in doubt, you can also check out the Anki manual on templates.

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I don’t see how that helps me with this.

I found the solution. It turns out that when I created these card types I modified the “basic” template (I didn’t know this would happen). I rename this note type with an appropiate name. I then created a new deck, with a new template (“basic”), I moved the cards that I needed from the old one to this new deck and voilà. When I make a new card, it only creates the one type that I want.
Thanks for the help.