Creating a new sub-deck with a new type in an existing deck

Is this possible?

I find Anki wonderful but intricate and at this point I would settle for even being able to create any kind of new deck. Mildly infuriating that no matter where I go in Anki it tells me that if I edit fields it will destroy the deck (with 28 cards) I have recently been using - which I do not want to do.

To get around this I loaded another deck but it didn’t help - still when creating a new deck format it will destroy the 28 card deck I want to keep.

My one gripe about Anki is that it makes me feel stupid! Why can’t I solve this stuff.

For the record I would like to create a new type with English / Arabic (latin characters) / Arabic script / Arabic audio.

Many thanks

Yu can mix different note types within a deck / subdecks without problems.

To avoid modifying existing cards / note types, you can create a new copy of your existing note type:
Tools > Manage Note Type > Add > Clone:Your_Note_Type

Then, you can add new cards using your New_Note_Type. This way you can experiment with editing fields safely.

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Thanks - finally solved it. I had completely forgotten how anki worked after several years without using properly.