[solved] Update / re-creating a deck

I have a note-type “vocabulary” and one card type “English-to-Chinese”.
So far there are only two fields: “english” and “chinese”
1000 cards are already created.

I add a further field “audio” but I filled in only for half of the existing cards values in that new field.
Later I created a new card-type “sound”, which uses on the front-side only the new field “audio”. When this new card-type “sound” got created it also generates automatically for each existing note a further note based on the new card-type “sound”… but ONLY for those whose field “audio” has a value.

The problem: later I continued to put in values for further notes in the field “audio”. BUT Anki doesn’t automatically create now additional “sound” cards. → How to get those new “sound” cards?

The news cards are there, with the correct note-type / card-type. But they still have ot be moved manually to the correct deck.
→ Solved.