Creating different cards (design) for different decks

I don know why I don’t get it done.

I want to have different card designs for different decks (Japanese and Arabic) because of different Hyperlinks on the backside.

When I created the new design I got the notification x cards will be new generated. I didn’t worried about.

Now I have in all my decks all cards multiple times regarding to the count of different designs I have.

I tried everything but I don’t get it done to have the “Card 1 - Arabic” cards for the Arabic stack, the “Card 2 - Japanese” cards for the Japanese stack etc. and nomore duplicates or whatever these are😕

You should create a separate notetype for each deck, each with a single card template.

Yes, that’s hat r wanted you do. I have a deck for Japanese, a deck for arabic, a deck for python…

But after creating the templates for the specific deck i got always duplicates of all already existing cards with this new design even when they are useless for this deck. (An Arabic phonetic link on the backside in the python deck…)

These duplicates in the wrong designs I can not delete so I attached then you a deck called"not used".

This process seems wrong

You have created one notetype with multiple card templates. You should instead create multiple notetypes, each with one card template. Then when adding cards, you’d choose which notetype you want to use in the top left of the adding screen. To recover your existing inputs, you could use the Change Notetype option in the browse screen.

I will check that. I used the “change note type” option from the menu but the result didn’ t save.

To be able to help, we’ll need you to be more specific. If you can, please record a video of the steps you’re taking and share it here, including an explanation of how what you saw differed from what you expected. If you can’t record a video, some screenshots or more detailed explanations may help.

I uploaded new cards to Obsidian. And after opening Anki evenb my old cards there are again in all available layouts. I do not get it… maybe I am to stupid or I think to complicate but I am working as a Data Analyst for the biggest Aircraft company…I like the things to be SIMPLE and CLEAR but Anki is for me short before “outsourced”

here is the link: anki problem - YouTube

Tried it again, synced it and opened it on the iPhone

And also the older cards… Again appear in ever available design…

Sorry… Too high for me

Here is another example with audio to here what I try to do…

Maybe I had all decks selected when I created the other designs. I deleted all, started from scratch and so far it seems working. I made the different design just for the specific deck

In your video and screenshots, you are using a notetype that has 3 different card templates, so it will create 3 cards for each input. You appear to have subsequently created different notetypes for your different decks, each with a single card template, which is what I was suggesting above - I presume this has resolved your problem?

yes it it working now. Thank you👍 i was thinking the other way around before note types <> card templates

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