Is it possible to define specific card types only for a specific deck in Anki desktop?

I want to create a specific set of card types for a specific deck on the Anki desktop. Is it possible?
I tried it, But Anki applies the new card types to all the available decks!

This section of the manual might help you with the distinction between note, cards, note types and card types (which I suspect you don’t know).

Once you have read that: note types and decks are completely unrelated. If you create a new note type, it should not affect in any way existing material (no matter in which deck it belongs). I suspect you didn’t create a new note type, but created a new card type (also called card template sometimes) for a given note type, which does affect every note of that note type (again, no matter in which deck the cards are).


Thank you! Based on these, I guess I can accomplish my goal by defining a new Note type! Am I right?

Yes, I think.

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Yes, Because in each Note type, I can define a specific set of card types that don’t affect other decks based on another Note type! Example:

Note Type 1:

  • A specific set of card types
    • Deck1
    • Deck 2

Note Type 2:

  • Another set of card types
    • Deck 3
    • Deck 4

This kind of structure is achievable by defining different Note types.