Recordings are not stored after quitting Anki + how to play recordings outside Anki (solved)

When viewing a card I press shift + v to record, then I press v to hear the recording (works fine). I then quit Anki using cmd + q and open Anki again. After viewing the same card I press v to hear my recording, but there isn’t any recording (I get message “your haven’t recorded your voice yet”).

I have added ~/Library/Application Support/Anki2/ folder once to Google Drive’s My Computer section. I have tried voice recording without Google Drive running and I also removed folder in Google Drive sync. I also rebooted my computer.

I’m interested to sync and play voice recordings outside Anki (for example in mp3 or m4a format).

Big Sur 11.5.2
Anki 2.1.47

I found the explanation.

Record Own Voice : Record from your microphone for the purposes of checking your pronunciation. This recording is temporary and will go away when you move to the next card. If you want to add audio to a card permanently, you can do that in the edit window.

Recordings in are stored as mp3-files. Google Drive can be used to sync these files to other device. Google Drive will sync everything in real time.

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