New Audio Files

I have been using Anki Desktop on my MAC for over a year and have had no problems making audio files attached to each card. I just got a new computer and when I record a new audio file, it does not play back. It shows the audio arrow on the card, as it is made, but when clicked nothing happens.
Any audio file I previously made still works.

I have tried my ipad as well, and the same.



You’re using Anki’s built-in recording function? Is your mic working?

Since you didn’t mention these as issue, I assume you’re getting the in-progress box pop up –

– and when you click save, the mp3/sound tag is attached to the note–

– but Anki doesn’t replay the audio for you at the same time?

What about finding that file in your folder in your profile (Managing Files - Anki Manual)? Can you play it from there in a player outside Anki?

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Please go into the system settings>privacy, and make sure you haven’t denied Anki access to the microphone.

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