Own voice recordings don't autoplay


I’m using Anki Desktop on a MacBook. My own voice recordings don’t autoplay when a card I recorded comes up. It either just doesn’t autoplay and I have to play it manually or it says there’s no voice recording even though I saved one or just plays the recording of a different word instead.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

The “Record Own Voice” option is for temporary recordings. From the manual:

  • Record Own Voice : Record from your microphone for the purposes of checking your pronunciation. This recording is temporary and will go away when you move to the next card. If you want to add audio to a card permanently, you can do that in the edit window.
  • Replay Own Voice : Replay the previous recording of your voice (presumably after showing the answer).

Thank you! I didn’t know that.

You can also, from a card you are reviewing, hit the Edit shortcut (E on Windows, I’m assuming same on Mac), then click on the field you want the audio to go in, and press the record shortcut from there (F5 on Windows, not sure on Mac). When you press Return, it will save the recording in the field. I just discovered this recently.

Oops sorry, I just saw how old this post was lol. Maybe it will help someone.