Bug & UX improvements for Record voice

Just changed from Anki 2 to Anki on iOS and unfortunately the record voice feature does not work properly there as the recorded voice is played immediately after pressing the finish button and what makes it worse just stops playing when tapping for the answer.

Not being able to compare the recording with the answer makes the feature practically useless (at least I have not found a replay voice recording option in the cog wheel menu*).

Please change so that it gets played when the answer is shown (before any of the answer audios is played) as was the case in Anki 2.0.

Also a record button in the question screen would be fine as having every time to press the cog wheel first gets rather annoying when one has to do many cards.

A replay option for the recorded voice file would also be fine*

Thank you!

*Sorry, just found out there are indeed ‘replay voice menu’ and ‘replay voice options’ in the cog wheel menu — it would be perfect if once the ‘replay voice menu’ is tapped it stayed visible (but as icons at the margin) until the end of the session.

[Anki 24.04, ipados 17.5.1 on ipad mini 6]

For faster access, you can assign ‘replay voice menu’ to a top button, or to a tap or swipe. Alternatively, you can assign the individual ‘record voice’ and ‘replay voice’/‘replay card’ actions to individual buttons/gestures.