Mapping a button to Record Voice should also allow you stop the recording with the same button

When I run through my Anki deck on iOS I tend to use a controller. Currently I have a button mapped to record voice, but when I start the recording pressing the same button doesn’t stop the recording. I have to physically touch the device screen to stop it. Everything else regarding my reviews I can do purely through using the controller, but this one action requires me to physically touch the screen. I would really appreciate it that the Record Voice feature could also be coupled with a “stop recording” action using the same button. Even if I had to use one button to record my voice and another to stop the recording that would still be an improvement.

I’ve added it to the todo list - it may take a while to get to I’m afraid.

In the next beta, the replay action will stop an in-progress recording before replaying it. If you’d like to try it, please see Beta Testing - AnkiMobile Manual