Record Own Voice Chops The Beginning of My Recording

Hi everyone, I recently switched to a new computer and I like to record my own audio during flashcards to practice pronunciation and compare my audio to the flashcard.

The problem is that now when I record my own audio, the audio is recorded but the it’s not played back as whole, it chops a part of the beginning of the audio and I haven’t found a way to fix it after googling and reading forums.

I’m now using a new Dell laptop (old mac before) and I believe this problem may be related to the interaction between anki and my computer (or even just my computer) but I ran out of ideas.

Anyone has an idea that can help me?

the following info is useful for other people who actually can help: Does this problem also occur when you run the latest version (2.1.35) without add-ons?

Yes, i have the latest version and no add-ons. I followed the instruction in the link “when problems occur” as well.

I reported this previously and this is Anki’s developer reply:

@dae, could you add this to help-wanted to give it more visibility? Maybe someone will get interested in implementing the QAudioRecorder solution you’ve suggested.

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Posted here:

jmpg: for now you may be able to work around the issue by leaving some other recording software that monitors your microphone running in the background, to keep the audio interface active