Bluetooth Microphone on Mac

Using “record own voice” on Macbook with internal speaker enabled works (i.e., can record and listen). However, when using external headset (Airpods, Bose), i can hear audio media in the flashcards, but the “record own voice” doesn’t work. There is a ‘saving’ dialogue box (cancel, save), but when the replay begins, only a ‘click’ occurs, but no other sound. Headset input and output are set correctly, and all other apps, e.g., Safari, are closed. (Mobile version on my iPhone works.)

Any ideas about what the cause might be?

If you’ve checked to make sure the headset is set as the default audio input device, the only other thing I’d suggest you try is the other recording driver in the preferences screen.

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Thanks. The only alternative, Py, worked. I had been put off by the warning that it might not be used in a future version of Anki so didn’t even try it. So much for heeding warnings!

Well, that is the plan, which is why we need to hear from people who have trouble with the default option. :slight_smile: