Can't record voice with the mic of bluetooth headphone

Hi everyone, I just bumped into this issue that I can’t record my voice with the mic of my bluetooth headphone on macOS.

I can record voice with builtin mic of MBP. And I can even record voice with my iPhone through that fancy new stuff called “Continuity Camera”. But no luck for my bluetooth headphone. When I replayed the recorded voice in Anki, it was just silence. At the end of the supposed voice recording, there was a click-like sound.

The bluetooth headphone has been set as default input device in system settings. And I can confirm it works when I record using e.g., QuickTime Player.

I saw the same question has been asked before, like this one Bluetooth Microphone on Mac - Anki Desktop - Anki Forums. But I’m not quite sure about the proposed solution there, as I don’t see a “the other recording driver” setting in Anki preference (I’m using version 2.1.60).

Also by the way Anki is already allowed to access microphone in system Privacy & Security. The headphone is a Bose QC35, if that helps.

Is the behaviour the same when using the Qt5 version of Anki, or the Intel Qt6 version (assuming you’re on an M1/M2 machine)?

Oh, forgot to mention, I’m using Qt 6 version (Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.3.2 PyQt 6.3.1) on Intel machine.

Can I install Qt5 version in parallel to test it? Or do I need to uninstall Qt6 version first?

You can put it in a different folder, or use ‘keep both’ when copying to give it a different name.

Just tried it out. No luck. Can’t record on Qt5 version, either.

One last thing you could try is to run the following in the debug console, then try record again:

from aqt.sound import RecordDialog
def rec(self):
  from aqt.sound import NativeMacRecorder, namedtmp
  self._recorder = NativeMacRecorder(
RecordDialog._start_recording = rec

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Thanks, dae. The code works, if I execute it after a fresh start of Anki. However it doesn’t work if I has already tried recording in the same Anki session and then patch the code.

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