Audio not working with microphone

Whenever I record something on Anki using my headset’s microphone, it produces a muffled sound that is barely understandable. As a result, I have to constantly change to the computer input in my Mac settings in order to record stuff (and even then the recording is subpar and cut short for some reason, but at least it works).

The mic is working fine by itself. I tested the recording quality and the sound is excellent outside of Anki (plus I use it all the time for Zoom calls).

I’m using the 2.1.61 version Apple Silicone on a Macbook M2 Pro (but to be fair, it was even worse with my old Macbook with the intel version).

Any ideas?

How is the quality with the Intel/qt5 version of Anki? Is it a wired or wireless headset?

Also horrible. Wireless headset

The qt5 and qt6-arm builds use different recording libraries, so it’s interesting they’re both failing in the same way. If you record a longer recording like a minute, is the quality near the end as bad as it is at the start?

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