Audio clip problem (beginning being clipped)

Hi there,

Whilst reviewing I noticed that the audio clips are clipping out the very start of the audio clip; e.g. “Das ist ein Kino” will play is “…t ein Kino”. If the audio is short enough nothing plays at all - very occasionally it will play the entire audio clip as intended (even on audio clips that previously it was clipping).

This is uniform across all the audio clips I have in all decks - it even happens when reviewing on Anki web and on different devices.

I even tried replacing the audio file (to see if they had become corrupted) and I still have the exact same problem. I’m not having any other audio problems on any other programme.

Thanks for your help!

Are all these clips recorded in Anki (using the Record Audio button in the editor)? Because the recorder has delay issues sometimes.

Also check this thread: The beginning of audio tracks isn't audible

Thanks for your reply!

The audios were not recorded in Anki, they are independent audio files.

Strangely, as I went to try one of the solutions in your linked thread, I tried once more before changing anything and the audio has started working correctly again.

Very weird considering I had previously restarted the computer and even reinstalled anki with no success. Could it have perhaps been a problem connecting to the server?

Maybe you have some other sound-using program running in the background?