Rebuild all/empty all filtered decks (enhanced fork) [Official thread]

This is one of the most useful addons out there, because I only use filtered decks, to focus on specific study sets.
However, the Github repository link seems to be broken.
Did you end support for this addon?

I have a feature suggestion:
I created en empty deck to regroup sets of filtered deck subdecks.
Will there be possible to add an option to rebuild only this empty deck’s filtered subdecks?
For instance, with an option while clocking on the little cogwheel icon?

@Quezako : I removed the github repo because in the past I forgot to push local changes so that dated versions of my add-ons got forked. You can get the latest code from ankiweb so I figured it’s better to delete the github repo. In the update I uploaded today I added an option to only empty and rebuild decks that match some terms. This could work for you.

Could you test the new version and let me know if it works.

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@tsoine : I’ve added two exclusion options to the add-on settings in a version I just uploaded to ankiweb. an excluded deck should not be emptied or rebuild when clicking the buttons.

Could you test the new version and let me know if it works.


Oh, that’s so kind kind from you, thanks!
I’ll go check right now!
EDIT: working perfect on the first try! Thanks a lot! :blush:

Hello, I’m still using your addon daily, but I have mostly one problem: I switch often the same cards from one filtered deck to another, to do some transversal reviews.
I can empty a filtered deck on Android by holding click, but the option does not exists on PC.
Do you think that you can implement an empty option in the cogwheel menu of a filtered deck?
This would be awesome!

@Quezako : I like this idea so I added it. Update your add-ons and check the config of my add-on and change the top entry to true.

let me know if it works.

which anki version do you use? does using the empty/rebuild entries behind the cog wheel icon reset the vertical scroll position for you?


ho, sorry, I’ve forgot to check the topic. Yes, it’s working perfectly and it will save me a lot of time! Thank you very much!
I’m using Anki 2.1.54 and I do not have scroll reset. Everything works smoothly.

Feature suggestion: Auto-rebuild
Hi again! I’m the one who suggested the ‘exclude certain decks’ feature a while back.
This addon is still the backbone for my anki studies, but with it there is a task that comes with it.
I rebuild every filtered decks before rebuilding, and so I have to first use Anki desktop to rebuild, then go to my mobile devices to review.
Do you think it is possible to add a time trigger so that at a certain time of the day (my anki resets at 4a.m. for example) the filtered decks automatically rebuilds it self?
I tried multiple workaround ideas. I’ve tried AnkiConnect, but it doesn’t have a rebuild feature, I tried Mac Automator but it doesn’t work when my screen is locked.
Thanks for reading!

@tsoine: the addon once had an autorebuild feature. It broke about two years ago due to changes in Anki 2.1.45 and the fact that this addon used “fragile/brittle” code. I’ve added this to my todo list but I have no idea when I have time for it.

It might be better left missing. Cards are marked as changed whenever the deck is emptied/rebuilt, and this could easily lead to reviews getting lost due to sync conflicts.

Thanks! You said that last time as well, but was extremely quick! Not trying to pressure you, but am looking forward for updates!

Two solution ideas

  1. there are multiple auto-sync addons (such as this one)
  2. turn the auto-sync feature off as a default, and add a warning to use this feature at your own responsibility.

That doesn’t fully solve the problem - aside from the extra burden it places on AnkiWeb, all clients would need to be syncing regularly, as if you do reviews on one device and they aren’t yet synced to the desktop by the time it does the rebuild, you’ll lose the reviews.

I will not include an auto-rebuild feature into my addon. I forgot about the lost repetition problem and I don’t want to contribute to the overuse of ankiweb sync.

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Understandable, thanks for the consideration, though!